This pair of Adidas Yeezy are copied in the outdoor shoes,where is it powerful?

Really worth buying, must be able to stand the test of time

The same is to buy a new single product, but to buy clothes to buy bags, never more than to buy shoes more people excited. Queuing to buy shoes this thing is often happen, but in front of our foreigners “line up to buy” it is a bit weak, they have been queuing for 100 years the same pair of shoes.

Cicadas first saw this pair of shoes, but also a look of ignorant, so that a pair of shoes in the end why the fire? Today, it is said that the old American L. L..BEAN duck boots.

Shoes look a bit cumbersome, really nice?

Who dares to say it ugly? Big can not help but cottage it

Toe with rubber, slightly upturned shape like a duckbill. The most direct feeling is “ugly! To! Burst! Fried!”

In the retro circle, this pair of duck shoes fame has been great, and even some people say it is retro artifacts. Recently in many big shoes, can see its shadow. In short, 100 years passed it or shoe industry model.

YEEZY BOOTS950 grabbed no? In fact, this pair of boots is to L.L.BEAN for the prototype to design. Accidentally Do not surprise? (Kanye himself said, this really tribute, it is not copied)

Can not grab YEEZY it does not matter, at least Jiao Ye feel your shoe, or there will be a pair of Adi’s shell head. Toe design can be said to be the same section of red fruit, said Adi because of this “copy” to the shoes, earned 20 billion euros!

The soles made of waterproof rubber, do not have to worry about the rain will wet the shoes. The toe is also wrapped with waterproof rubber, it is increased its ability to resist bad weather. Five claw-like design, let the mud flow naturally fall.

Shoe body with high-quality US-made leather, hand-sewn more texture, but also a bit more rough tough style.

In recent years, in addition to the street to see more and more people wear, but also in the show floor to see its trace.

Tommy Hilfiger 2010 female model domineering interpretation

Visvim this year’s show floor to use it to set off a gentleman wind

The whole world for its climax, really is not nonsense. Even Beckham and Kardashan are wearing.

From billion to build into a billion level

Strength of outdoor sports pioneer

L.L.BEAN can be regarded as the American national boots, for the brand’s history, with their familiarity, it is estimated that can be back out.

In 1911 the United States a hobby hunting grandfather Leon Leonwood Bean designed the world’s first pair of duck shoes, was able to climb mountains and wading can protect their feet from cold, so the innovation of rubber and leather together made of Shoes, did not expect also made a burst of money.

Father at the beginning of selling their own production of shoes, there have been a lot of defective goods. But he promised if the quality problems, unconditional return. Returned to L.L.BEAN in the hands of the problem shoes, will be repaired and the full refund. This criterion is continued, so until today the Americans on the brand is still zero negative feedback.

Leon Leonwood Bean said: “Efforts to sell good goods, make a reasonable profit, treat your customers like to treat your friends, they will return to you more.

Leon’s grandfather Leon Gorman1961 graduated from the company, in his appointment during the success of the old brand upgrade transition. In ensuring the quality of products under the premise of updating the old production tools.

Leon Gorman

He also wrote his own experience as “L.L.Bean: The Making of an American Icon”, so that more people understand L.L.BEAN.

From the recent release of LOOKBOOK can be seen that the US outdoor veteran, and not the same. In the functional clothing, the development of getting better and better.

Initially L.L.BEAN annual sales of only 2.25 million US dollars, after the transformation of the annual sales can reach 1.6 billion. 16 years also sold 600,000 pairs, enough to see the Americans are the pair of duck boots iron powder.

If not expected, how from the “ordinary” into fashion

Americans every year to line up to buy duck boots, as if every time it will become a trend. Every year is inevitable out of stock situation, even if boarded the official electricity business website, can see is basically eye-catching “sold out”.

Poke video to see L.L.BEAN superb shoe technology

Even if you buy, you still have to wait about two months to receive. Not because of backward production, but they believe that hand-made products more texture.

“We still insist on handmade because people like something with manual value,” said a spokesperson for L.L.Bean.

All the shoes are in a 17,000 square inside the factory to complete, in addition to the rubber at the end of the machine production, the other of each process are made by hand.

The production of a pair of shoes to spend an average of 85 minutes of time, the quality of the strict control after multiple. Even the master of the shoes, have to go through nearly six months of training can be formally put into production work to go.

In addition to most of the products are produced in the United States, all materials are from the United States. Is simply 100% of the US goods.

The most so that consumers are shining eyes, even if you wear shoes into their own can not see the degree of damage, or can get L.L.BEAN company, enjoy a lifetime warranty. Buy this pair of shoes, you really may not need to buy other shoes.

Is the sole broken? cut! Flew for

Warranty is also so careful, who else? The

Duck boots can become the trend of time, it is because it will not follow the trend and lost themselves. I believe that the fetish and cicada, like the first time to see this pair of duck boots will be very despise it, but you will find this pair of shoes look more and more taste. L.L.BEAN Over the years to adhere to the tradition and the development of innovation, with real work has won the recognition of the world. Really worth buying, must be able to stand the test of time.

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